“Thank you so much for helping me in my career search.”
“Looking for a job had become disheartening, but you gave me the tools to properly present myself to potential employers.”
“With your help on interviews, resumes, and general professional conduct, I was able to get a competitive position in my field as well as continue my education.”
“I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without your professional insight and careful advice.”

Lee-honor graduate of the University of Virginia

“Jerry, wanted to give you an update on the job front”
“I had an in-person” interview”, received an offer which I accepted”
“Thank you so much for all your help with my resume and preparing for the interviews”
“Many of the things we practiced were instrumental in helping me present myself in the best way possible”
“I wouldn’t have been nearly as prepared without you!”


“Jerry is a true gentleman with honor and integrity”
“He has done things the right way”
“He has a keen eye for developing and nurturing talent”
“Played a key role in my path to an Executive”
“I’d run through a brick wall for Jerry!”


“I began my career as a GS-2 clerk-typist.”
“With the mentoring, guidance, and direction provided by Mr. Barnes and others, my current position is a Program Manager of a $500 million annual program.”
“Mr. Barnes instilled confidence in me and challenged me to my full capacity.”
“He will provide you honest feedback and constructive criticism to help you achieve your goals.”
“He held “brown bag luncheons” for all employees to help develop interviewing skills and provide career and developmental advice.”
“Always had “open door” policy and willing to guide you through any situation.”


“I met Jerry at a networking event; felt that he could help me.”
“Jerry’s coaching sharpened my interviewing skills; his advice gave me confidence and poise during the interview.”
“He worked with me during four sessions and two mock interviews.”
“When I was being interviewed, the agency asked me to apply for another (even better) position; they offered me the first, and I accepted then told me they would move me to the other position once I was on board.”
“Working with Jerry was a good move!”


“Hey Jerry, I really appreciate you help before the interview. The information was spot on! I felt very prepared during the interview. I will be pointing other people to your website”

I explained check out this URL that the focus of the class would be how to learn.