If you compare this site with others, you will find these rates affordable for personal coaching. That being said there are a few important details we need to mention.

  1. Our first session will be a short 5 to 10 minute introductory session, provided free of charge
  2. Each subsequent 30-minute session will be $50
  3. These session will be on an as-needed/wanted basis, meaning you can choose to purchase just one session to get some quick advice, or more to gain more knowledge.
  4. I offer mock interviews, which is very helpful in refining your skills and stress management.  These generally take 30 minutes, and will be charged at the normal rate ($50 for 30 minutes).
  5. If you are interested in this service, please schedule an appointment. We can set up the first Skype session at that point. At this free session, we will chat briefly and get the payment arrangements out of the way. Once payment is made, we will schedule the next session through either phone or e-mail.

Special Notes:

  1. I advise you to develop a brief resume (a “one pager” is recommended) before the first session. If necessary, I can help you refine it or refer you to another source.
  2. If you are a veteran , please know that I appreciate your service. It would be an honor to serve you in this capacity. Just email me and we will talk. I will give you a discount of 30% for a total fee of $35/session. By the way, I am a veteran, Army, 1968-1971.
  3. If we need to chat anytime after you get a position interview, I will consider one on one coaching sessions. I have done this quite a bit in career development (see the testimonials). Just use the Contact Me page to send me a message.

I hope that students will https://midnightpapers.com/ take a proactive approach to education and direct their own learning.