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By | March 1, 2024

At Harbor House Review, we want to help you achieve your life goals and long­-term sobriety with the tools and foundation you’ve already acquired. Leaving a residential, inpatient, or outpatient treatment environment is often more challenging than expected. You’ve changed, but the people, places, and things around you haven’t. Some of the same triggers you had before can be reactivated and we recognize how frustrating and upsetting that can be. The Harbor House Review in Massachusetts is a sober living home where residents live with other people at the same stage of sobriety.

Crossroads of History: Ancient Jordan with Dan Snow

Everything about my life had become centered on the next drink and drug. I had designed my career to accommodate my addiction, and all of the things that were important to me fell short of booze on my priority list. After entering treatment, I began to hear about “Aftercare” and “Continuing Care”. These were terms for the work that I would continue to do in order to maintain my sobriety, after treatment ended. Tharros offers significantly more than a traditional sober living. We fit in between what you’d find at a clinical extended care program and very supportive recovery home.

  1. We want to help you transition to a fulfilled and enjoyable life in sobriety.
  2. These activities include a weekly activity, such as bowling or cooking.
  3. Harbor House Review approaches recovery by looking at both abstinence and your life satisfaction/ happiness.
  4. Later abandoned due to Saracen raids, Tharros is one of Sardinia’s best ancient sites.
  5. Whether you’ve just completed a drug detox, alcohol rehab, or any other kind of substance abuse treatment, we know recovery takes time and we know that you’re worth it.

Tharros Experience

We start with listening to your goals, and helping you identify what you want to achieve at Tharros. I had heard that when you drink again, you “pick up where you left off”. This was certainly the case for me as I found myself ready to leap from the 17th floor of my apartment building- only a higher power could have kept me alive through the events to follow. We will send you the latest TV programmes, podcast episodes and articles, as well as exclusive offers from our shop and carefully selected partners. Among the other highlights of the ruins at Tharros are the remains of the Punic tophet – a sacred space sometimes used for burials – as well as the remains of the thermal baths and the foundations of temples, houses and shops.

Sober Living Requirements

There is also a Sunday evening meeting each week at 6 PM thatthe residents of Harbor House Review are asked to attend. A study of 300 individuals whom resided in Sober Living Homes (SLH) was published in 2010 by a division of the NIH (National Institute of Health) (Douglas L. Polcin, 2010). That study found that freestanding SLH’s offer enough structure, with no formal treatment, creating an optimal environment for residents ready for the next step. SLH’s provide an environment for individuals capable of handling a fair amount of autonomy and wish to take personal responsibility for their recovery.

The most prominent features of the ancient landscape are the Carthaginian tophet, bath installations, temple foundations and an area of houses and artisan workshops. From the 17th century, the necropolises in Tharros were haunted by treasure hunters and it was not until the late 19th century that excavations began. A large part of the punic-Roman city was unearthed in the 1950s including the Temple of Demeter and fortifications of Murru Mannu. In 2004, over 100 Phoenician and Punic tombs were found, giving us insight into funerary rituals of the period.

I experienced many new things through the people I met and the opportunities I was afforded in sobriety. I found a way to live life that is far happier than I ever had before the drinking or drugs began. I arrived at my new sober living house in September of 2010. I quickly discovered Harbor House Review Review that my mind’s concept of a controlling environment with supervision and strict management was very different from what I entered into that day. When I made a choice, it was my choice, and what I learned in the following months taught me how to make good choices for myself.

Each individual is supported to make his own choices in his recovery. Tharros offers an extensive and flexible peer support program to helps clients navigate important changes and decisions. Our team provides support to ongoing clinical work as part of that process.