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Trucking Accounting: Essential Tips and Tools

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to complete your 2023 taxes. If you’re interested in working with ATBS to get your taxes filed or if you have any questions, click below. The Pro and Enterprise plans have a 30-day free trial available with no credit card required. Meanwhile,… Read More »

What Are Fringe Benefits? How They Work and Types

So in summary, fringe benefits run the gamut from health insurance to gym memberships in terms of their purpose and value to employees. Offering fringe benefits isn’t a requirement for your business, but it might be the right move. The more benefits you offer, the more you might find strong, skilled workers. Fringe benefits are… Read More »

How to Void Check for Direct Deposit

One of the advantages is your bank or credit union may send the letter directly to the party requesting the voided check, avoiding the need to send it by email. Banks and credit unions are well instructed in methods of protecting personally identifying information and they will know the best way to send the letter… Read More »